In addition to helicopter seats and externally mounted life raft deployment systems, we offer some specialty equipment, which can be found in the tabs below.

We are always continuing to develope new products. If there is a product that your company is interested in that you do not see listed please feel free to contact us and ask for Research and Development.

  • Push out window
  • Equipment mounts

The ASI-7611 is an emergency pushout window kit for the cabin door on a Sikorsky S-76.

To operate simply push an any corner of the window. There is no need to remove the seal for the window to open.

There is no airspeed restriction for this product.







Aero Seats and Systems is proud to offer a wide variety of special equipment mounts for both military and civil use, including movie props.

Pictured: Aero Seats' gunner seat. Developed for a security contract at the Department of Energy's Nuclear Test Facility in Nevada, this product is a combination gunner seat and machine gun mount. The seat itself is mounted on a track and is fully rotating. The gun mount when not in use folds up to act as a headrest for the seat. The mount is meant for use with a HK223 machine gun. The seat is approved for use in a BO-105.